Adobe Student License - COVID-19


Downloading Adobe Creative Suite

Smith students in courses that have a specialized need for Adobe CC and approval from their instructor can access Adobe CC on their personal computers using the instructions below.

To download the software to your personal or Smith-loaned device, follow the instructions below. Note that after September 30, 2020, the software will no longer function for personal or Smith-loaned devices.

Download Instructions

  1. Download the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Desktop app ​here​.

  2. Install the desktop app by running the download. Launch the Adobe CC desktop app,

    login with your Smith email address, and select ​Continue​.

3. You’ll be prompted to select an account. Select ​Company or School Account.

  1. Log in to Smith with your usual credentials, then authenticate with DUO.

  2. Once authenticated, you can install any of the Adobe Apps available.



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